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Technology Leadership

       Wintron is a world leader in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of Frequency Control Devices (Crystal unit, SPXO,VCXO,VCSO,TCXO,OCXO,VCO,MCF,DRO),Microwave Components (Low noise amplifier,High power amplifier,MMIC,PLL, Synthesizer), and custom technical solutions.

Wintron frequency control devices are designed to meet the stringent demands of a broad variety of applications such as telecommunications, consumer products, computer, instrumentation, mobile communications, navigation devices in commercial, industrial,military and aerospace grades.


Our highly experienced and seasoned team of dedicated engineers and technicians bring today’s leading technologies and superior quality to all our products; resulting in products that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.  We monitor quality in every phase of product development and manufacturing, ensuring a product that is superior in reliability as well as a great value. Wintron actively pursues leading edge technologies to ensure its customers will continue to receive the most competitive timing sources available.Through our continuous efforts, we have brought a standard of price/performance to the marketplace that is second to none.

Our product line offers many standard designs that cover a wide range of applications. In addition, our designs can easily be customized for specific requirements.

       Wintron is a technology lnnovator, as evidenced by many original achievements:
          1976 Introduced the first crystal clock oscillator in the DIL "can" design.
          1977 Introduced the first crystal clock oscillators with "hard zero" and tristate options.
1978 one of the first to offer an IC oscillator, the Wintron Clockchip.
          1993 The first and only current US manufacturer of the 5×7mm ceramic SMD Oscillator with glass frit seal.
          1999 Introduced the first 5×3.2 mm ceramic SMD oscillator with inverted mesa crystal with super-high frequency,           super-low jitter characteristics.

       Some of the key technologies offered today include: ASIC technology, surface mount technology, hybrid manufacturing to class S, HFF crystals, SC cut crystals and space oscillators.

Advanced Facilities

Our facilities contain the most advanced state of the art equipment used in oscillator and filter manufacture. The facility incorporates class 100 and class 10,000 clean room facilities in the manufacture of leading edge ceramic packaged VCXOs and TRU timing recovery and clock recovery units, as well as SAW based filters, our discrete crystal technology is highlighted by our advanced manufacture of high frequency fundamental and SC cut crystal capability. By capitalizing on the flexibility of our many operations,we will be able to give our customers the right products at the right price and deliver those products when and where they want. On the other hand, Selling and other support facilities are well integrated and, in particular,we have concentrated on achieving a common QA standard in ISO 9001 registration at all key facilities.

Strong Product Capabilities

Wintron designs, manufactures and markets frequency generation and control products using the very latest techniques in both standard crystal and surface accoustic wave (saw) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. Wintron currently offers customers a complete line of crystal units, crystal oscillators crystal filters,VCO,DRO,LNA, catering to the needs of our customers, primarily in telecommunication and data communication industry. Basic oscillator types include fixed frequency oscillators and wide frequency capture range VCXOs. Package factors range from double-wide, full-size and half-size DIL packages to 5×3.2mm,3.2×2.5mm,2.5×2.0mm,2.0×1.6mm surface mount ceramic packages. The company offers commercial, industrial and military grade products. Wintron carries all logic families including ECL,PECL,LVPECL,LVDS, with 5volt,3.3volt and 2.8volt models. Finally, Wintron offers customers a variety of stability characteristics, from 100ppm to 0.0001ppm.

Quality Assurance and MIL-PRF-55310

Wintron is ISO-9001 (2000) registered and the leading U.S. manufacturer of qualified products to MIL-PRF-55310 with S Grade product level. We service the Military, Aerospace, High-Temperature (Down Hole) and Deep Space industries and are very proud of our technological successes in land, sea, air and space applications. We provide state-of-the-art hybrid crystal oscillators for high reliability military, aerospace, down-hole and deep space applications;We offer a complete U.S. oscillator and crystal manufacturing capability ranging from standard clock oscillators to RAD hard space rated oscillators;and we are committed to providing our customers with leading edge frequency control solutions.

At Wintron our policy and passion is to provide products that exceed the customer’s expectations,products that meet specification and function reliable throughout their expected life.

All of our products are continuously scrutinized for performance and for possible latent problems.  This ensures that the products we deliver are of the highest quality possible.

Complete Customer Support

The unique advantage that Wintron offers customers is complete customer support through vertical integration. Wintron houses all sales, design, prototype and manufacturing capabilities in one location. This organization enables us to deliver new designs, prototypes and production runs with much greater flexibility than other vendors. This is unique in the frequency control products industry, and enables us to provide complete customer support. By integrating the resources and by optimizing R&D, marketing and manufacturing capabilities, Wintron has established a leadership in frequency control products and technologies and has strengthened our position internationally and have reaffirmed our commitment to serve the global market. We pride ourselves on our custom support, when you contact Wintron, you can deal with our senior engineers who are specialists in frequency control products and are happy to assist in the characterization of a best solution for a given problem.

Wintron is and will remain, a world-class supplier to its global market and will apply innovative,forward- looking, ethical principles in complying with the requirements of the market. We are totally committed to recognizing the needs of our customers, and responding to those needs with superior quality, service, responsiveness and specification compliance. All of our employees are dedicated to these principles with total customer satisfaction and continual improvement as their constant goal.Wintron has earned close, long-term relationships with its customers by providing high quality products, competitive pricing, timely delivery, reliable engineering support, and unparalleled flexibility.

Our Commitment to Environment

Wintron is committed to the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources. Wintron’s facilities fully comply with all required environmental regulations and laws and review compliance on a regular basis. All of our manufacturing operations are free of ozone-depleting substances, as well as, where applicable, the products are free of any hazardous that are stipulated or prohibited from use by customer requirements and international regulations, such as RoHS and REACH.

       Conservation of global resources and pollution prevention is a high priority in our operations which is exemplified by site-specific practices which may include among others, recycling, and use of recycled products.

       We maintain an environment that supports the health and well-being of our employees, customers and community. Our goal is to formalize our current compliance to recognized environmental standards, to pro-actively conserve resources and to prevent pollution. We will continue to encourage and assist our suppliers to maintain the same high principles. Our continued pursuit of excellence in environmental compliance will involve regular monitoring, updating and upgrading of our standards and the complete commitment of our employees.

What is coming up next?

       With technology innovations and the demands of those rapidly growing applications and markets, tomorrow will see a trend towards higher frequencies, tight frequency stability,low phase jitter, low power consumption,wide pullability, miniaturization and low cost, as well as more technologically sophisticated integrated solutions. Our current research and development efforts are focused on the following fields:

         5×7mm,5×3.2mm,3.2×2.5mm,2.5×2.0mm,2.0×1.6mm surface mount TCXO with tight stability to ±1.85×10-7Over          -40℃ to +85℃;
         High frequency(100MHz for example)TCXO with very low phase noise to –140dBc/Hz at 1KHz and –150dBc/Hz at          10KHz;
         High frequency(100MHz for example)OCXO with very low phase noise up to –165dBc/Hz at 1KHz and –175dBc/Hz           at 10KHz,and better;
         Super fast, super low jitter oscillators with inverted mesa crystals
         5×7mm, 5×3.2mm super low jitter surface mount oscillators(SPXO,VCXO) with inverted mesa crystals;
         VCO,DRO,LAN and other microwave components.
       A primary asset of Wintron is our ability to focus our broad technical resources on thedevelopment of custom products that can be developed in a rapid and cost effective manner.

       Wintron is your complete source for crystals and oscillators.We look forward to working with you on your new quartz products requirements.

Wintron's manufacturing facility in U.S.A.

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