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Features :

Wintron is specialized in developing and producing customized MIL Application - Radar Oscillators and Synthesizers products in cooperation with numerous Military American and European companies and organizations.

Our product range includes Fast Hopping Low Phase Noise Synthesizers, DDS Driven FM CW Radar, Fake Signal Insertion Radar, Multi Carrier Transponders etc.

Due to their military applications, most of our products only have to comply with the American and European export control regulations



1.Satellite Converter
2.Redundancy Switch / Redundancy Controller
3.DVB-S2 Modem, DVB-S2 Modulator,
DVB-S2 Demodulator
4.Satellite Navigation Simulator
5.Radar Synthesizer
6.ECM Equipment
7.Microwave Sensor System
8.Signal Generator


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